Nothing Boxes, Birthdays and Hijacks

Recently Summer (or Summer Kellogg Photography) posted a picture of Meadow and I with a brief description of me and my nothing box. Evidently most men are blessed to be in possession of such a thing. I am not at all disappointed to have this box. There are many theories I have about why men have a nothing box and women don’t, but that’s for another blog, or maybe it’s just never. Whatever the reasoning for this mysterious box, I have determined why Summer doesn’t have said box. You see, my days contain waking up, going to work, coming home, familying/eating/lounging/running (maybe), and going to bed.

Let’s look at a different style of day…Summer’s days, well her days consist of a lot more. She wakes up, usually when I do, because I am evidently super loud. Then she will either go to her office and work until the kids get up (sometimes way too early) or work out/run and get ready for the day, all before the kids get up (which again, is sometimes way too early). Then she will feed the kids (usually this consists of putting homemade pancakes (huge batch made at the beginning of the week) in the toaster because our kids will only eat cereal when they are at her dad’s house, which may be our issue for giving into their breakfast whims at too young of an age). You would think that her day would then calm down a little bit. The kids would get into their routine of playing games with each other, or jumping on the trampoline, or cleaning their rooms and doing their chores without being asked. But that’s not how it goes. Summer sits down with the kids to play a game, or do a craft (which she actually is, and actually succeeded at making slime), or do some other sort of activity with the kids. This goes on until around lunch time, which then starts back with the same routine as breakfast, with feeding them and playing and everything there after. That’s just the normal day. Then you have the days when this kid or that kid has an appointment, or practice, or wants to go to here or there. On top of all of that mommying, she is running a business. What!?!

When you look at my day and you look at Summer’s day, whose mind do you think is able to just shut down and rest…yeah, pretty simple to determine that one, right? Maybe that’s why I have a “nothing box” and the possibility of that box doesn’t even come near existence in Summer’s life. I’m not saying that she does all of that stuff to claim she is a superhero, or so that you will bow down and worship her, because I would imagine that there are a lot of mom’s out there who are engaged in the same endless daily life in which she is entrenched. I’m only saying it because there is no way the nothing box could exist in her life. If she’s not taking care of one thing, she thinking about what needs to be done next, or how that session still needs to be edited, or so on and so forth.

But that’s who she is. She is a person who dives into what she is doing with everything she’s got. I am proud of Summer. I am proud of the wife she is. I am proud of the mom she is. I am proud of the sister, the daughter, the friend, the photographer that she is. I am not only proud of all that she is, but all that she is becoming. How her heart yearns to be bigger and better than she already is. How she strives be a better mom, friend, family-member, person, photographer, businesswoman. She loves unconditionally, gives freely and wants the best for everyone.

So today, on her “30th” birthday, I want to say “Happy Birthday”! Thank you for becoming a better and bigger person every year you are on this earth. Thank you for living out your purpose, while not settling in and just doing what you’re supposed to do. Thank you for loving and guiding our children. May this “30th” year be the best year yet for you. Happy Birthday, Summer!