Mikayla. Senior Class, 2017.

The leaves are changing and the temperatures are dropping.  The chill in the air marks the imminent end of one season as we stand on the brink of a new one.  Changing seasons seems the most appropriate illustration of the senior year of high school.

I was happy to finish out my 2017 seniors with the lovely Mikayla.  I’ve said it over and over this year, and I’ll say it again,  I have loved the seniors with whom I’ve had the opportunity to work.  Mikayla was joyful, delightful, filled with laughter and beautiful wonder.  She talked about the love she has for her friends and the passion she has for children.  She talked about how much she has loved her high school years and acknowledged all the bitter-sweet feelings that come with the ending of this beautiful season of life.   Certainly, anyone who has crossed paths with this lovely young lady is moved by her warm, welcoming, and open spirit.  The world is better for having Mikayla in it.

Mikayla, it was wonderful meeting you.  I wish you all the best as you journey into this next season of your life.  No doubt, the skies are the limit. . .