Max. Senior Class, 2018

I understand that, for many seniors, the senior year portrait is simply something to cross off the long list of “Things I Must Do To Get To The Next Level”. I know the list is endless. College applications, job applications, answering the seemingly unanswerable question of “what’s next”, making lasting memories with the people with whom you’ve done life with for the last 18 years and on and on and on. Senior portraits often feel like a task, something to get through, something to make Mom happy. And while making Mom happy is certainly enough reason, I see the tradition of senior portraits as an important pause in life’s journey. The picture may mean very little right now, but later. . . I wonder. . .

I imagine my seniors glancing at their senior pictures a year after they have thrown their cap in the air and hugged their friends good-bye. I imagine them glancing at the picture and remembering where they were at that time. I imagine them recalling how they felt, the confusion they experienced and I imagine them smiling to themselves and thinking look how far I’ve come. And then when they bring their future spouse ‘home’ for the first time. Look at how far I’ve come. And their first baby. Look at how far I’ve come.

I see senior pictures as a marker on a road map. A big, bold “X” that says I was once there and now I’ve made it to here. A big bold “X” that reminds them that I had no idea about my future on that day when I was 18, but look at me now. . .I’m still moving forward.

I enjoyed Max very much. I enjoyed hearing how he has enjoyed his high school experience and especially the bond he feels with his close friends. The bond he has with is family went without saying–I could see it immediately. He was polite and kind and genuine and spending time with him was easy. He talked about his love for sports, his friends and his family. A look toward the future revealed a common amount of uncertainty, but as I watched and listened my only thought was, he will do well in life. Between his passions and the support of his family and friends, it was easy to see that the foundation that has already been laid will guide him to the places he will go.

Max, congratulations on your senior year!