Mama & Her Boys

There is this thing about motherhood, the often quoted words–the days are long and the years are short. Cliche’d words, maybe, but words said often are said often for a reason. They are truth, perhaps.

The big days are easy to remember, aren’t they? The milestones, the trips, the wild adventures, and the momentous moments. Somehow, those are seared in the brain.

But what of the everyday? The mundane? The sound of a skateboard rolling across the kitchen floor, the gymnastics performed on living room couches, the feel of tiny hands tugging on the back of your shirt, the anticipation of a sliced strawberry waiting to be eaten. These are the building blocks of life. These are not the mundane, are they? These ARE the big moments. The rocking a little one to sleep, the sound of a baseball as it falls into a glove, the battle of card games at the kitchen table.

Yes, these are the big moments.

As a photographer, I know how difficult it can be get pictures of your kids with you IN the frame. I was happy to spend a little time with my photographer friend, Lindsay, and document some of the little-big moments with her boys. What a special story they are living.

Lindsay, thank you for inviting me in once again. The pleasure is always mine. . .

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