Logan & Hallee Are Engaged

Chad and I first met Logan and Hallee when they arrived on our front door, just days after they became engaged. We sat in our living room and listened to the story of their beginning. High school. A school dance. An unexpected love. A love that has endured across time, across miles. We listened as they told their story–Logan with his cool socks and Hallee with her impeccable style. A pair with many differences who have found a solid foundation in love that grew and grew and grew.

It was impossible not to like these two. It was impossible not to love their story. It was impossible not to celebrate their love. Their joy.

We met up with them again just over a week ago on a far from warm day. (Okay, it was cold. Really cold. Like, we needed hand warmers cold.) These two, though? Goodness, they were troopers. As we walked, they braved the cold and warmed each other in the frigid temperatures. I watched as Logan took care to wrap Hallee in a coat as we moved from place to place. As he held her close, bracing her as much as he could, from the cold. We watched as they relaxed in each others arms. How they held the gaze of one another. How they laughed easily. Dreamed of the future, together. Listening to them talk of one another, I heard pride. Pride that he was hers. She was his. That soon, very, very soon, they will walk into forever together.

Logan and Hallee, spending the evening with you was like watching love in action. Because, really, that’s what love is, isn’t it? Action. Thank you for allowing us to see it. We are beyond excited for you as you prepare to enter this next season of life together.

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