Logan and Jenna Got Married

I rode a party bus for the first time.  And let me tell you–it was a party bus.

That was small news, though.  The bigger news?  The most important news? 

Logan and Jenna got married. 

The rain and cloudy skies didn’t bother them.  The carried on. 

They celebrated with friends.  They celebrated with family. 

They danced.  They laughed. 

It was as a wedding day should be.

One of the biggest highlights of the day was the surprise visit to the brides grandmother who was unable to attend the wedding due to a recent accident.  Seriously, it was such a wonderful moment to capture. 

As was the entire day–the party, the dancing, the joy, and especially the love.

Congratulations, Jenna and Logan.  Thank you for the honor of documenting your special day.