Liz. Senior Class, 2019

The world is full of wonderful people. I know this, but often, the 24 hour news cycle that highlights the negative, the sad, and the gloomy shades my eyes and steals that what I know is true–the world is full of wonderful people. This year, more than ever, the people who stand in front of my camera remind me of this. Of the goodness out there. The strength. The passionate souls that are living lives of purpose and drive. My job is to take pictures of people, but the return is something I never expected–I couldn’t have anticipated. This job allows me a tiny glimpse into worlds and lives I would never know otherwise.

The people are the highlight of this job.

I met up with Liz (thankfully) when it was much warmer than it is today. We strolled around downtown and, let’s face it, she made my job really easy. She is kind and compassionate, driven and focused. She is a volleyball player and who loves her family and adores her friends. Quite honestly, having switched schools her Freshman year in high school, she’s also one of the bravest people I’ve ever met.

Liz, it was absolutely delightful to meet you. You already bring so much goodness into the world and no doubt, this will continue as you move into the next season of your life. Congratulations on your senior year!

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