Laura, Senior Class 2018

It’s easy, when you get older  past the high school days into a different season of life. . .yes, lets go with a different season of life. . . to lump all high school kids into a category and assume they are all alike. Of course, one tiny step back (or forward, really) reveals such a beautiful uniqueness in each person it is impossible not to be pulled in and intrigued. Photographing seniors has given me a front row seat to this uniqueness, to their stories, to the heart of who these young people are. My time with them is so short, but still, I love hearing just a piece of their hearts, their stories, and their lives. In a small moment, the “current generation” of teenagers that the media likes to complain about becomes real human beings with passions, dreams, drive, and commitment to becoming all they were created to be.

It was a joy to meet Laura. To spend a little bit of time with her and to hear about her love for her friends, soccer, basketball and travel. And while I could not at all relate to her love of numbers and math I have mad respect for young women who find enjoyment in that one thing that makes my head spin.  I loved hearing about her excitement at beginning the soon to be next season of her life. Her quiet and kind nature was so evident in the first moment that I met her and her infectious smile, I am certain, lights up any room into which she walks.

Laura, congratulations on making it to your senior year. All my best to you as you experiences all the “lasts” of this year and prepare for the many “firsts” to come.