K & R

I had the pleasure of meeting Kyle and Rachel about a year and a half ago.  At that time, my job was to sit behind a desk, not stand behind a camera.  I was a therapist and Kyle and Rachel were walking toward the starting line of the most important decision they will have ever made . . . they were about to get married. 

It was such a pleasure to walk beside this pair as they prepared for marriage.  Premarital counseling was one of the favorite parts of my job and people like Kyle and Rachel are why.  It’s no secret that I love, love and these two love deeply and fully. 

Kyle and Rachel are quite spectacular.  When I met them from my counseling chair, I knew it immediately–there was something different about them.  They came with goals and aspirations.  They came with their feet planted firmly on the ground and their eyes looking straight ahead.  They knew who they were and what they believed.  Everything about them screamed faith, commitment, endurance, and love. 

When I think about Kyle and Rachel, one phrase comes to mind:  Look out world. . .
Kyle and Rachel, a year and a half ago when we were talking about conflict resolution and money management, I never could have predicted that I would be capturing you with my camera.  However, one thing that I could have predicted?  I could have predicted that absolutely nothing would stand in your way.

Congratulations, Kyle and Rachel, on one year of marriage.