John & Vina Are Engaged

It took me less than five minutes to see it. The way he looked at her. The way he so easily reached for her. The way she so effortlessly relaxed into his hold. The way they held the other’s gaze for just a moment more. The way they laughed with ease. The way they fit together, absolutely perfectly. To not see it was to be blind to the obvious. The love these two share is undeniable.

John and Vina are in the exciting season of planning their lives together. At looking toward forever with each other. When I asked them what most excites them about being married they knew the answer immediately–to not have to say good-bye. 

Such a gift it is. . . doing life together. John and Vina will gather among friends and family next Spring and begin their lives forever. They are beyond excited, and no doubt, so are many others. We met up with them on a recent afternoon as we raced our session against an incoming storm. Thick clouds formed around us, the radar showed bright green. None of this bothered them. Not the drizzle, not the rain, not the bright green radar. . . nothing shook them. . . their love grounded them.

This is the kind of love that is an honor to witness. The kind of love we get excited to celebrate. This is the way love should be.

John and Vina, congratulations on your engagement. We are so excited that you get to walk into your together, forever. . .