Jeff & Maggie Got Married

The thing about weddings–the thing I love most about weddings. . .

The stories.  I love the stories.

New stories unfold throughout a day which highlight a million other stories that have been told and retold throughout the years.

Stories of how two people decided to join their lives into one.  Stories of how the generations before decided on the same commitment.

The dress, the hair, the carefully selected decorations are all so beautiful, but the stories–the stories will always be my favorite.

Jeff and Maggie joined their lives together exactly one year after they met, on the 4th of July, in the same place where Maggie’s parents joined their lives together forty years ago.

Joined by their closest family and friends, they began their story in an intimate ceremony that perfectly represented their unique love.

Jeff & Maggie, congratulations on the beginning of your Forever.

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