Jared. Senior Class, 2021.

When my kids were smaller, the high school kids seemed so big, so scary, so, well, intimidating. In my tiny world with toddlers at my feet, these were the influences I should watch out for, guard against, and fear.

A few years have passed and a good number of high school students have stood in front of my camera and I’ve learned a few things.

High school students are pretty great. Full of life and light. Full of hopes and dreams. Full of humor and thoughts. Spending time with seniors is one of my favorite parts of this job.

Jared is graduating in 2021! Happy, good-natured, hopeful. and honest. Baseball is his thing. Computers are, too. Upon meeting him, I could sense his genuineness immediately. What you see is what you get and what you get is a really good guy.

Congratulations on your senior year, Jared!

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