“It’s a girl.”, “It’s a girl.”, “It’s a girl.”: The “F” Family

They’ve heard it three times. “It’s a girl.” “It’s a girl”. “It’s a girl.” Beautiful words that, no doubt, filled their hearts with joy as, one by one, they grew their family with sweet baby girls. I’m sure there is nothing easy about raising three little girls, but watching Kayla and Kyle interact with their ladies, it was obvious that love trumps any challenges.

Each time I have a family in front of my camera is different. Each family has it’s own dynamic, it’s own personality, and it’s own story. The more I do this, the more I learn to enjoy the process and let each family be who they are. Photographing the “F” Family required me only to step back. To step back and see. The words I spoke were few and far between. Kyle, Kayla and their sweet girls simply did their own thing and I got to capture it. Their bond was undeniable. The joy they experience with one another was clear. The love they share was unmistakeable. It was a complete joy to to stand back and simply witness what they already have–what they experience so naturally–togetherness. Standing back and watching them reminded me what an incredible gift it is to be married and have a family. What a gift it is to start as two, as husband and wife, and then to watch your family grow. To see the way little people change you, grow you, and turn you into better (albeit, likely more tired) people. I stood back and watched Kayla and Kyle, outnumbered by girls, balance it all to give these girls a treasured life. While I know that balancing act is anything but easy, I could see it in the eyes of all five of them–it is certainly worth it.

Kyle and Kayla, thank you for the pleasure of having you in front of my camera.