Heidi. Senior Class, 2017


Fall is a busy time of year for everyone, but especially families with kids.  School starts up, sports are in full swing, and we all try to drink in each and every ounce of the good weather while we have it–or at least Ohioians do.  (Or, at least our family does.) In addition, this photographer with three young kids in sports, is often pulled away on weekends to document day one of new marriages or families who believe it’s important to capture this one moment in time.  For that reason, last year, I decided that something had to give–and I decided that something would be seniors.

Something pulled me back, though.  Maybe it’s energy that comes with people who are on the brink of such an important ‘beginning’.  Maybe it’s hearing the stories, hopes, and dreams of young people who are just beginning to dream.  Maybe it’s the opportunity to see for myself that the media’s mantra of ‘kids these days. . . “ isn’t all true.

Regardless, I’m glad I took on a few seniors this year and have had the opportunity to see for myself, what I hope to see in my own kids in a few years. . .  Focused, grounded, solid, young people who have our tomorrows in their hands.

First up is Heidi.  She plays soccer and she hunts.  She likes adventure.  And math.  She is close to her parents and has a heart for little kids.  In fact, she just might direct her life toward helping little ones who need loving hands. Heidi laughed easy and wasn’t afraid to wade through a creek.  Heidi knows who she is and she knows where she’s going.

Congratulations on your senior year, Heidi!