Hannah, Senior Class, 2018

Standing right on the edge of what has been for so many years and preparing for what will be. A year filled with many lasts while, at the same time, the heart prepares for many firsts. The senior year is a straddling of two worlds, of sorts. There is so much living in the now, while also trying to anticipate what is to come. It’s a beautiful, confusing, and exciting time. I love meeting these seniors. Seeing their personalities shine. And hearing tiny snippets of their stories.

Hannah was as fun as she appears in her images. She laughed easily and talked openly. Her kind and sweet spirit made her a joy to be with and I can only imagine that all who know her feel it a pleasure to know her. A volleyball player who took a leap into the cheerleading squad during her senior year is a brave soul in my book.

Hannah, it was a pleasure to work with you. I have no doubt that the skies are the limits for you. I wish you a year filled with memories that will last you a lifetime and a boldness to continue to chase after your dreams.