Erica & Zach Are Getting Married

Love struck them in the most wonderful way. Not like a lightening strike, hitting in an instant changing everything in a single moment. Instead, it was a slow brewing. Time. Friendship. Patience. A beautiful growing. A gentle rain. A sun slowly rising and shining it’s light suddenly making everything clear–yes, this is real. We belong together.

When we met up with Zach and Erica it was like meeting up with old friends. No, we had never met, but they carry within them and between them an inviting warmth that drew us in. They laugh easily and love each other fiercely. Young love is often described as naive love. This is not the story with these two. They have already endured so much. Through storms, through ups and downs, they are grounded by each other. Side by side and arm and arm, they hold fast to the love they have and the commitment they’ve made. They are going to do this life together. They are doing this life together. And next year, they will make it official.

Congratulations on your engagement Zach and Erica!

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