Emma. Senior Class, 2022.

I said a farewell to my family and loaded my camera and lenses into the back of the car. Next, I climbed into the drivers seat and placed my coffee and water bottle beside me. I wondered if I should take an overnight bag for this session. Maybe I’ll get tired and need to pull off and get a hotel for the night. Nah, I thought to myself, I can push through.

Just kidding. Emma is my neighbor and the trip took approximately 39 seconds. (There is a tight turn between her drive and ours.)

Yes, Emma is our neighbor and I’ve known her for quite some time. Time passes as time does and the elementary school girl that is fresh in my memory is no longer. Emma is a beautiful senior standing on the edge of endless possibilities. Goodness, I had a wonderful time traipsing through their lovely farm and capturing her portraits. Emma is strong and funny and focused. She knows who she is and she’s excited about where she is going. Working with her was not like working at all.

Emma, congratulations on your senior year. I am so excited to watch you spread your wings and fly!

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