D & K Wedding

It was a gorgeous October afternoon.  The sun shone bright in the vibrant blue sky, laughter filled the air, and love was felt as easily as the gentle breeze that flowed.  It was a day that so many had anticipated. . . It was the day that Dave and Kyra would be married.

I met Kyra several years ago, though, I can’t really tell you how.  It was almost as if one day we didn’t know each other and the next. . . a bond was formed.  I’m sure there is a story somewhere in there, but really, I can’t tell it. . . the friendship just was. My connection with Kyra only grew when we became co-workers.  Each time I walked out my office door, Kyra was there doing what she does so well–giving.  Kyra and I worked together for several years before life took both of us in different directions.  I moved behind a camera and Kyra moved toward the man who would become her husband. 

Dave makes Kyra really happy.  I mean, really, really happy.  I’m not one who believes in coincidences or chance.  I’m a believer in the Divine purpose of all things.  Kyra and Dave met at the exact right time and the exact right moment.  Those of us who watched from afar saw. . .

They accepted each other.  They loved each other.  They laughed together.  They loved unconditionally.

They love unconditionally.

Kyra and Dave, it was such a pleasure to be with you on your special day.  I wish for you many, many years of memories, stories, blessings, and love.  May your love for one another only grow in depth with each passing day. 

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  • Cinwhim - Summer – I knew you would make the flowers look even more beautiful than they were! That first picture is amazing!! I've become a big fan of yours since the wedding. Thanks for sharing! CindyDecember 11, 2013 – 2:49 amReplyCancel

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