Claye & Tenieka Are Married

What a year to be married. What a year to plan a wedding, to anticipate, to look forward to and then, in seemingly a moment, everything changes. Decisions have to made, plans altered, expectations adjusted.

Claye and Tenieka held out until the very last moment. Hoping restrictions would be lifted, hoping that the wedding they’d planned at a large venue with all of their family and friends would happen. In the end, they had to do what so many couples have done–they had to adjust their sails and go another way.

It’s funny how things happen. How the wedding you planned seemed like everything until you planned another way and found out there is more than one way. When you find out that the new way can be even more beautiful, more special, and more sacred than you could have ever imagined.

Claye and Tenieka began their forever in the place she called home. Beautiful majestic trees towered over them and their closest friends surrounded them as they vowed to stand beside each other from today until forever. Tears of joy were shed as Claye and Tenieka promised their commitment to stand beside each other through the hills and the valleys they will travel. The beauty of this wedding was as undeniable as the love between this very special pair.

Claye and Tenieka, the love you two share is felt by all who know you. To know the two of you, is to love you. To be in your presence, to experience your honesty, to watch you together is a breath of fresh air. May your beautiful beginning continue into a beautiful life together. May you find adventure in every step of your journey and keep laughing together all the days of your life.

Congratulations on the beginning of your forever. . .

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