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When I Grow Up

Last week I captured the above picture of my girls as they were making slime (for the 1,067,215th time) in the kitchen. When I loaded the picture onto my computer I started laughing. There was something about Meadow’s mouth and the placement of her hands that made me think of a cooking show that I’m …read more →

On to Two Hands: Meadow

She pulled her backpack through her arms this morning and I helped her pull her raccoon hat with the cute little ears over her head. She was smiling as she reached for the door and I stood behind her, ready to follow her outside to wait for the bus. Before she opened the door she …read more →

12 Years of Our Boy. . .

I just stole away to the bedroom after dodging my way through hundreds of nerf bullets that were flying through the house. Eight boys and two girls were fighting what they called an “epic” nerf gun battle throughout our entire house. I put headphones in my ears and the sounds of Lily Kershaw are drowning …read more →

It Has Been 10 Years Since. . .

. . . I sat on a hospital bed, anchored by Chad one one side and my Mom on the other, when a sweet baby girl was placed into my arms for the very first time. She was ushered in as the sound of Chris Rice’s Welcome to Our World echoed throughout the room-his perfectly tuned …read more →