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To My Dad. . .

He grew up Catholic, my Dad. Like, really, Catholic. You know, statue of Mary in the yard, Rosary beads in his mothers hands, alter boy, confession, seven brothers and sisters, Catholic school–he was raised in a Catholic home. And while he and my Mom didn’t raise us in the Catholic church, the foundations and traditions …read more →

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Everyday. Every Day. {Six Years of a 365 Project}

Seven years ago I had a simple goal: take a picture every day for a whole year. It seemed simple enough, pick up camera, click button, move along. And then I became pregnant with Meadow. Simple became less simple when morning, noon, and evening sickness stole my motivation, tossing my lofty goals down the toilet. …read more →

The Chase for Mediocrity

It’s a conversation I’ve had numerous times over the last several months. I’ve talked about it with Chad. My Dad. My sister. Over coffee with friends. While running side by side with another friend. It’s a conversation I’ve had, again and again, in my own mind-thoughts whirling and swirling and twisting my brain cells until …read more →

When I Grow Up

Last week I captured the above picture of my girls as they were making slime (for the 1,067,215th time) in the kitchen. When I loaded the picture onto my computer I started laughing. There was something about Meadow’s mouth and the placement of her hands that made me think of a cooking show that I’m …read more →