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Steve and Natalie Are Engaged

We met up with Natalie and Steve last week and took in Autumn’s final show.  With the leaves glistening all their beautiful orange, yellow, and red hues, Natalie and Steve walked, talked and shared their story with us.  These two are helpers and givers by trade, making it very easy to spend time with them. …read more →

Billy & Emily Are Getting Married

  Engagement is such a special time in life.  Of course, there is the sometimes often stressful moments of planning, organizing, and scheduling all the tiny details of the big day, but then there is the bigger picture.  The beautiful anticipation of a life that is to come.  The expectation of all the unknowns that will …read more →

Noah & Maryssa Are Getting Married

  When Maryssa first contacted me earlier this summer, I knew immediately that I would love this couple.  Maybe it was her use of “!” in her emails, which I translated into a joyful spirit.  Or maybe it was the way she always said thank you! which I translated into a gracious spirit.  (Or maybe I read …read more →

Ty & Mallory Are Getting Married

Hearing their love story makes me believe in fairy tales.  The kind of love story that you don’t often hear. A story that began many, many years ago and includes volumes and chapters that rival the most engaging book series. The kind of story that will likely be told and retold for years to come. …read more →