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Logan & Hallee Are Engaged

Chad and I first met Logan and Hallee when they arrived on our front door, just days after they became engaged. We sat in our living room and listened to the story of their beginning. High school. A school dance. An unexpected love. A love that has endured across time, across miles. We listened as …read more →

John & Vina Are Engaged

It took me less than five minutes to see it. The way he looked at her. The way he so easily reached for her. The way she so effortlessly relaxed into his hold. The way they held the other’s gaze for just a moment more. The way they laughed with ease. The way they fit …read more →

Brenner & Anna Are Engaged

When Anna and Brenner arrived at our location for their shoot we paused for quick introductions before Anna looked down at her hand and realized, I forgot my ring!. She looked at Brenner and without missing a beat he dutifully turned back toward the car to drive back to his house to collect the ring that Anna …read more →