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J & K Engagement

Two great people. What a joy to meet them.  What a pleasure to spend time with them. They laughed a lot.  Had fun together.  Didn’t take themselves too seriously.  They know what they want and where they are headed. Good, good people, I call them.  Good, good people who will soon to be Mr. & …read more →

G & D Engagement

A lovely couple.  He was her high school crush.  Now they will soon be “Mr. and Mrs.” Two nurses residing in one home. Helpers.  Givers.  Genuinely good people.  What a joy to meet these two people who so obviously care deeply for one another.  Congratulations on your engagement, G & D!

K & J Engagement

Have you ever met two people who just seem to go together?  Kind of like peanut butter and jelly or Bono and The Edge.  They just fit. Kendra and Joel are like that–they just to go together.  This pair met just about a year ago when they went for a walk. What was supposed to …read more →

L & J Engaged

Jenna and Logan.  These two.  Oh, how I enjoyed these two.  I’ve known Jenna, well, my entire life.  The same blood runs through us.  We are family.  Cousins. Jenna is the only girl in her family.  She is sandwiched by four brothers.  (Yes, four very tough looking, football playing brothers).  It went without saying. . …read more →