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The “M” Family

I first “met” Natalie on Instagram.  From afar, I could see her lovely family and her beautiful Mama’s heart. Through Instagram’s tiny square spaces I watched her belly grow the beautiful baby that just entered the world.  I finally met Natalie in person just last week and immediately fell in love with her wonderfully sweet …read more →

The “T” Family

  My goodness how I enjoyed this family.  “Fun” doesn’t even begin to describe them.  I could probably come up with a million words to describe them. . . connected, lively, passionate, joyful, a breath of fresh air, energetic, hard-working, committed, happy, and full of life. . . to name a few.  Yep, this is …read more →

The “D-S” Family

  I am so grateful when my job allows me extra time to meet up with very good friends.  I have known Anna since our days of gathering on dorm room floors, munching on Twizzlers, and taking turns to answer what Anna coined a Circle Game Question.  In college, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by …read more →

The “M” Family

  The “M” Family. . . oh, how I love them. The “M” Family was among one of the first families I ever had the opportunity to photograph.  During a time when I was simply dipping my toe into the shallow end of photography, this family allowed me to step into their lives and they, quite quickly, …read more →