Brittany. Senior Class, 2018

She is quiet and unassuming. She has a kind and has a gentle way about her. Soft-spoken, but still an inner strength cannot be missed. Her genuine presence makes you want to know her more, hear her story, find out what lies in the core of her.

There is depth of thought that travels deep to her soul that can be seen in her eyes. A beautiful mystery. Yes. That’s it. A beautiful mystery.

Brittany is a senior who is navigating all the lasts that come with the senior year. That last of band, the last of choir, the last of so many things that can so often feel overwhelmingly bitter-sweet. The longing to hold on while also feeling a nervous excitement about what is to come. So many decisions, so many roads to navigate, so much preparation before the time comes. . . the time for so many firsts.

Brittany, I wish you all the best as you continue to navigate all the lasts that are to come and prepare for the many “firsts” that will follow. I have no doubt that the best is yet to come. . .

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