Brandt & Kelsey Are Engaged

When Kelsey arrives at the location for the shoot, she pulls into her parking spot with a happy beep-beep-beep of her horn, a smile and a wave toward Brandt, Chad and I who are waiting. She bounds out of her car and I swear I see it–the joy that surrounds her. Brandt looks up and notices that one of Kelsey’s windshield wipers has broken off and he informs Kelsey that they will stop after the shoot and replace the broken wiper.

These initial interactions with Brandt and Kelsey perfectly describe these two people–kind, genuine, happy, joyful, committed. High school sweethearts who have already ridden the waves of change that naturally come after they turn the tassel and toss the cap. They have ventured through college and career and countless big and little changes, weathering them all with the stabilizing foundation they provide for each other. The love they have for one another goes without saying–it’s evident in the way she falls so easily into his arms. It is evident in the way they laugh so effortlessly together. It is evident in the way he looks at her. It is evident in the way a windshield wiper is replaced.

Kelsey and Brandt, we are among the many who are celebrating this next season of your life with you. Your wedding, your marriage, your life–the skies are the limits. Congratulations on your engagement!!

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