Billy & Emily Are Getting Married


Engagement is such a special time in life.  Of course, there is the sometimes often stressful moments of planning, organizing, and scheduling all the tiny details of the big day, but then there is the bigger picture.  The beautiful anticipation of a life that is to come.  The expectation of all the unknowns that will happen when two lives merge into one.  Amidst the planning, organizing, and scheduling for the big day, it’s a good idea to step back and look at the big picture of what is to come.  To dream of what life will be like when two lives blend to build a new life together.

We met up with Billy and Emily and loved hearing their story.  Their love for one another.  And especially, their anticipation of what life will be when they join their lives together in marriage next summer. When I asked them what about being married most excites them their answer was simple and to the point–I can’t wait to just be together and do life together.  These are two people who know the joy of beautiful simplicity.  The profound gift of the simplest things.  Two people who understand that marriage really is doing life together.

Billy and Emily, we are so excited for you and the journey you are about to begin together.