Ben & Braylee + One

I have a memory of Ben and Braylee, that I am pretty sure I will remember for the rest of my life.

It was just a couple of hours before they would exchange their vows and begin their forever together. Ben was waiting outside on a warm summer day to see his bride for the very first time on their wedding day. I stood back as Braylee made her way toward him and when she came close to Ben, he turned around. In that moment, it was impossible to miss, time stopped for both of them. Ben’s eyes widened and filled with tears, while he bent over at the waist from the sight before him. In that moment, it was only the two of them, wrapped up in each other.

Love, undeniable.

What a beautiful way to begin a forever.

Here we are, a few years later, and what began as two has now become two humans, plus one sweet pup, and another very luck tiny human on the way. Ben and Braylee, all who know you already know–you will be amazing parents. (And Bash will be quite the big brother.)

We are so excited for you. We celebrate with you. We are cheering you on as you begin this next season of your life together.

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