And Benson Makes Three. . .

I still remember how it felt to step outside of the hospital carrying Charlie in his car seat, snug behind his perfect “going home” outfit, hat, and blankets. I still remember driving home and driving forcefully from my passenger seat–telling Chad to be careful, wondering how all the cars around us could be driving so fast–don’t they know we have the most precious cargo snug in our back seat??!! I remember that short drive home like it was yesterday. The world suddenly seemed scary, unsafe, unfamiliar. I remember thinking how I had been so blind to all the dangers before? How, just two days after we had taken that same drive to the hospital, had the world changed so much? The feelings rushed over me.

The fear was overwhelming, yes, but there was another feeling, too. Love.

Oh my goodness, the love that I felt for this tiny stranger who sat in our backseat facing the rear window–how I loved him. Indescribable love, joy, and excitement rushed at me during that drive home. Colors felt brighter, happiness over-flowed, and purpose filled my heart. In a matter of moments, our hearts expanded and made room for a little being whom we had only just met. That love. . . there is nothing like it.

When I arrived at Josh and Liz’s house to meet sweet Benson, all these feelings rushed back. I stood back and watched these two, who have waited so expectantly for this sweet baby, and I saw that love. A love that stretches beyond words. A love that cannot be described. A love that pure and selfless. A love that asks nothing in return. . . a love that, simply, is.

Sweet Benson is not only loved, he is celebrated. He was welcomed into this world with wide open hearts and arms and, I swear, you can see it on him–he already feels safe and secure in their arms. The joy that Josh and Liz feel does not need to be described–it can be seen. I saw it on their faces. I saw it in their gentleness. I saw it in the way they worked together. I saw it in the way they looked at their sweet Baby boy who has already stolen their hearts.

After spending a morning with this family of 3, I loaded my gear back into my car. As I pulled out of their driveway,  I glanced back toward their house in my rearview mirror and thought to myself what a blessed family they are to have each other. Blessed indeed.

Josh and Liz, congratulations on your beautiful baby boy. He’s a lucky boy to call you his parents. And Benson. . . welcome to the world. . .

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