A Morning with one of ‘The Girls’

When I entered college, I entered with feelings of uncertainty, insecurity, doubt, and a shaky foundation. In a day, everything that was so familiar was behind me and I entered a world that was foreign. For me, college did what it was supposed to do–it stretched me, it grew me, it forced me to think critically about my thoughts and ideas, and it challenged me to see a whole wide world beyond the one that had been so familiar for the first 17 years of my life. Finding my way was shaky at first. At times, it felt that homesickness would tear my heart in two.

Over time, things began to change. Somehow, I landed among a group of women who I now refer to as ‘the girls’. Women who were as varied in personality as colors in a Crayola box, but who were rooted by one common thread–strength. These women grounded me and formed a foundation of trust that is rare gift–a treasure. Back then, these young women formed a circle of laughter and love and acceptance and grace that, looking back, I understand formed a big piece of who I am today. As the years have moved forward, these women, ‘the girls’, have moved all over the country and out of the country. Some have gotten married and others have pursued big dreams. Some have birthed babies and others have birthed incredible stories with their lives. And despite all the changes, there is a commonality in our shared experience in college, a ‘we belong to each other’ feeling that cannot be shaken by distance.

Tossing my college degree aside and choosing the path of photography has allowed me a unique opportunity to meet up with these girls at some of the most special times in their lives. From weddings to babies to growing families, I don’t take for granted the opportunity I have to step in to see, up close and personal, some very treasured relationships. Kat, is one of ‘the girls’. In our early years in business she invited us to capture her wedding day and then the welcoming home of her first little boy. And here she is again, standing on the edge of yet another life change as her world and heart will be wrecked with love, once again, when she welcomes her new little one into the world. I got to stand back and take in the love this soon to be Mama of TWO shares with her sweet little boy. They laughed together with ease and his adoration of her is undeniable. The special bond between sweet E and his Mom is what every mother hopes for.  And when Baby #2 arrives? Well, the heart is obviously wide open and ready.

Kat, thank you for allowing me to capture these special moments between you and E. I am so excited to watch your family grow to FOUR!


  • Kylee - GAH! I love this. Summer, do you remember that feeling? The feeling of stretching from one to two? I remember playing with Lila, in a small corner of our family room the weekend before Vivienne was born… I mourned. I cried and cried. Sigh, then… after Vivi was born, it was like life was supposed to have her in it.SO glad that you captured these precious smiles. Love.June 5, 2017 – 9:46 pmReplyCancel

    • Summer - I do remember, Kylee. And I cried, too, for months before Chanelle. But yes. . . then it happens and you can’t remember a time without #2 (or #3) 🙂June 13, 2017 – 3:27 pmReplyCancel