A Letter To My In-Laws

Dear K & C,

It was 40 years ago today. 40 YEARS! I’m sure you are thinking to yourselves, how did 40 years go by so quickly? It seems like just yesterday. . . . 

Forty years ago today you welcomed your first born into the world. On this day, 40 years ago today, a baby boy was placed into your arms, making you parents for the very first time. I have no doubt that on this day 40 years ago, your hearts broke wide open with the kind of love that only parents understand.

Of course, I didn’t know you then. And of course, the things I know about the first twenty-some years of that baby boys life are only known through stories. But still, there are things that I do know. Things of which I am absolutely certain, even though not a word was ever uttered about them.

I know that baby boy grew up feeling safe. From his very first breath, your arms, your hearts, your prayers, your love, made that baby boy feel safe.

I know that when that boy felt scared, you were there to comfort him.

I know that baby boy never doubted he was loved. Not for a moment. That baby boy knew he was loved.

I know that as that baby boy grew, you gave him space to grow. You let him explore. Experience. And become the boy he was born to be.

I know that you sat with him and played. I know that you walked with him and talked. I know that you listened to him. And I know that you created experiences for him to explore the world around him.

I know that as that little boy grew, stretching to figure out who he was, you let him stretch. Even when it broke your heart. You let him stretch and navigate the world around him.

You sacrificed.

You were selfless.

You prayed.

You gave that boy a soft place to fall when he failed and you celebrated when he succeeded.

He grew and he grew, that boy, I know. That little boy became a young man. And all those years you spent with him you taught him so much.

You taught him about love. Faithful. Selfless. Committed love. He learned, what you lived.

You taught him about hard work. You taught that boy that nothing worth having comes easy. He learned what you showed him.

You taught that boy about play. You taught him that fun isn’t reserved for the first decade of life. He learned that fun (and laughter) is for everyday. He learned by the life you gave him.

You taught that boy about wonder. To wonder at the world, the creatures, and people.

You taught that boy that money is not nearly important as important as moments together.

And you taught that boy that presents are no replacement for presence.

I didn’t know you 40 years ago. And, of course, I didn’t know that boy.  But I can tell you this: not a day goes by that I don’t feel tremendous gratitude for all the love, sacrifice, and guidance that you gave that boy.

Not a day goes by that I don’t feel like the luckiest girl in the world that THAT boy became MY husband.

So today, 40 years later, I want to thank you, K & C, for raising a boy who became one of the best human beings in the entire world.

And Chad? Thank you. Thank you for giving of yourself, each and every day, to make my world better. Thank you walking through life with me. Thank you for teaching our kids, by example, what love is. Thank you for never missing a moment to show love, grace, and joy to our family.

Chad, you are the best person I know.

I love you.


Happy 40th.

I’m so proud to call you mine.