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There is this person that I know.  Every morning before the sun rises, when her eyes open and are greeted with the early morning darkness, she lies in bed and listens to the sound of the breath flowing into her lungs.  Slow and steady she breathes deep and feels the air enter her lungs ever so […]

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  • Kylee - Oh, oh, oh… all of the feels.

    The pic of Charlie and Taza on the floor and the kitchen? Sigh.

    Friend, I think you’re finding the secret… being present isn’t a destination, as we know. It’s a gift that shows up when we’re open to it, I think.

    Your post was what I needed. Thank you.ReplyCancel

Family, together, doing what families do.  I love the beautiful simplicity of family. This family laughs a lot.  Really, a whole lot. And they play.  They play hard.  Somehow, a spontaneous football game broke out in the middle of our session.  This Mama of three rambunctious boys certainly held her own.  I also took notes–these […]

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  • Amy - My boys can’t pass a ball that doesn’t get thrown around! This is one reason I can’t take them to a sporting goods store!! Thank you for doing a great job!!ReplyCancel

    • Summer - I enjoyed your lively crew, Amy. I loved meeting your beautiful family full of heart. 🙂ReplyCancel

For a time, writing took the back seat.  Or, more accurately, if life were a train, with cars numbering far more than my attention span can count, writing was the final car.  Each car, labeled carefully, “Family”, “Charlie”, “Chanelle”, “Meadow”, “Chad”, “Home”, “Business”, “Photography”, “48 Hours Mystery”. . . well, you get the point. . […]

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I’m a terrible small talker.  Like, really, really terrible. If I walk into a situation where a small group of people might be standing and chatting, my palms become sweaty and my heart begins to beat like it used to after I finished my leg of the 4×800 relay.  (And my relay team was really […]

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  • Martha - Sooooo real….. And sounds a bit like a daughter that enjoyed her visit with you immensely🌸ReplyCancel

    • Summer - . . . and I enjoyed my visit with her and her lovely parents immensely, as well, Martha.ReplyCancel